Twitch Streaming Month 4

Well, just wrapped up month 4 of streaming.  here are the numbers to show successes month over month.  I do still enjoy it.  I do however find myself tiring over the drama of Minecraft.  I still find the game intriguing.  I enjoy all aspects of the game and how each day I find new cool things to do in it.  The prospect of learning to automate things within the game is very interesting to me.  I have found that having a good stable group of folks to play with makes it less stressful.  Yes, I said it stressful.  On some days it almost feels like I am babysitting when new folks jump in the game and I have to monitor that they do not screw with the long time residents of Dartopia. Ha.  Yes, the woes of ruling a Minecraft world.

I had to take a week off from streaming to work with our business.  I believe that hurt my growth.  Goes to prove you can’t grow followers by not streaming.  I know, right Captain Obvious?  here are my numbers.  I post these because I can’t seem to find anywhere to compare so thought I would put mine out there for comparison.

1 2 3 4
Hours 160 256 379 507
Followers 22 44 86 150
Views 500 768 919 966


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