Twitch Streaming Month 3

This month I am starting with numbers first.  A month ago, I sat at 44 followers and 768 views with 256 hours of streaming.  I am still enjoying it.  I have found a special part in that tiny heart of mine for Minecraft.  Now, I have increased that 44 followers to 86, the 768 views to 919 and the 256 hours to 379.  I really does seem there is not definite formula for gaining followers.

I have still been streaming mainly Minecraft.  I would say that some titles I give my streams get more views. It could be coincidence.  I have met a lot of good people through the chats but also get the occasional trolls.  Annoying as they can be, I don’t get into arguments with them.  Occasionally I will time them out in the chat if they get too out of hand.  Mostly I just welcome them in.  I thank them for joining my chat and let them know it is my way of helping the rest of the twitch community by keeping them off their chat.

My schedule has been a bit erratic the last couple weeks.  From having friends come into town, my job being crazy busy, needs of our business as well as family things that have come up, it has been a crazy couple weeks.  I thank all of you that read this and follow my stream for your patience with that.  I wish this could be a job that could support me but as it is not, the things that do pay have to take priority.

As in prior streaming posts, here are things that I have learned in the past month.

1. Playing Minecraft has taught me that you really need to be careful who you can trust.  I had to ban a couple folks that had been in ‘Dartopia’ for some time because they were caught griefing and stealing.

2. Don’t go exploring without a map and compass –  Thanks Master and Optic

3. Politely tell squeakers not to take offense if you leave the party and start and ‘adult’ party.  Yes, I do have the DartNtheHead ‘kiddie’ table just like Christmas’s at grandmas.

4. Monitor your stream.  XBONE Kinnect has been doing random ZOOM shots.  Only once was it my crotch.  Luckily I did not have any viewers at that time.  I do constantly have to readjust when it zooms in on my chin or forehead.


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