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Twitch Streaming Month 4

Well, just wrapped up month 4 of streaming.  here are the numbers to show successes month over month.  I do still enjoy it.  I do however find myself tiring over the drama of Minecraft.  I still find the game intriguing.  I enjoy all aspects of the game and how each day I find new cool things to do in it.  The prospect of learning to automate things within the game is very interesting to me.  I have found that having a good stable group of folks to play with makes it less stressful.  Yes, I said it stressful.  On some days it almost feels like I am babysitting when new folks jump in the game and I have to monitor that they do not screw with the long time residents of Dartopia. Ha.  Yes, the woes of ruling a Minecraft world.

I had to take a week off from streaming to work with our business.  I believe that hurt my growth.  Goes to prove you can’t grow followers by not streaming.  I know, right Captain Obvious?  here are my numbers.  I post these because I can’t seem to find anywhere to compare so thought I would put mine out there for comparison.

1 2 3 4
Hours 160 256 379 507
Followers 22 44 86 150
Views 500 768 919 966


Minecraft…Colosseum Build Part One

So, I have been playing and streaming Minecraft for about 6 weeks now.  Yes, I am in my 40’s (I assure you I am not the only middle-aged person playing the game).  For whatever reason, have found enjoyment in the game.  I find the challenge of creating something out of square blocks.

Here is my first project in creative mode.  I am hoping to use my version of the Roman Colosseum as the site for build-offs in future streams.  I am hoping that this shows that Minecraft isn’t child’s play only!! 🙂

Leaving Our Digital Footprint

Well, here we are.  We started this blog in January.  At that time, there were only 2 Average Dudes.  Teatherwind and I started down this path not sure where it would take us.  We have added Ashe_SDMF and Fungamungalo into the fold.  We have expanded to Facebook.  We have all begun streaming on Twitch occasionally.  I for one have become addicted to that one.  I have even started to slowly integrate my Twitter account into this footprint we have created.  Now we are just trying to nurture this baby and see how far it will grow.  I for one am enjoying the hell out of it and cant wait to see what we may have in store.  Thanks to you all that stop by and check out the site.  Thanks to the Twitch and Twitter followers.  Thank you all to the ones liking us on Facebook.  We do appreciate it.




I sit here at 1 am mid week, knowing I am beat, knowing I am tired but also knowing I have work to do.  As a younger man, I would often find myself in this predicament.  I would work long hours, only to work at pleasing ‘the man’.  Thinking that it would make a difference.  Thinking that it would create growth in my career.  I learned that they didn’t really care about the number of hours I worked.  They cared about productivity.  I quickly learned that and tried to work faster to get the same and more times than none, better results than my peers.  Automating tasks, improving technique to improve productivity.

That has allowed me to grow into a decent job but sometime I do find myself procrastinating.  My wind down tonight after working today, after helping someone finish installing stairs on my deck and running kids around was gaming.  As many of you can contest, often 2 hours of gaming turns to 7 in a blink of an eye.  Now I finish my work.  Ha.  well, those are my ramblings for the evening.

Stardate 93004.13 – Dart’s Story

First personal post.  Just a little about myself.  Though many folks I come across in the gaming universe would call me old, it seems the older you get, the years that span “middle-aged” grow too.  A pole late in 2014 revealed the average gamer’s age was 31 and that there were more gamer’s over the age of 36 than there were in the age groups of 18-35 and under 18.  I am here to help keep that statistic alive. Continue reading Stardate 93004.13 – Dart’s Story