Twitch Streaming Month 2

Ice Team, OtterPops and Gaming
Ice Team, Otter Pops and Gaming

What does this summer mean to me? The addition of guest stars Ice Tea and Otter Pops to my streams.

Reviewing my last post on streaming, I noticed that was right about a month ago.  Thought I would do a monthly update.  I am at 256 hours streaming.  Summer is a busy time for us so I think I kicked back my hours some.  I also decided to try to cut back one day of not streaming.  I don’t think this affected my follows.  I almost doubled my followers from 22 to 44…trying to inch my way to 50.   I think the reduction of streaming hours has affected my total views, however.  My views jumped from just over 500 views to 768.  I started playing Minecraft and streaming it.  Seemed it was getting harder to find matches in BF4 and COD.  Cant wait until the next game.  If anyone has something they would like to see me stream, let me know.

In the interest to keep things consistent, here are a few notes of things I may have learned from my post.

  • Make games invite only – Had a grief-er in Minecraft that tore shit up.  He was a friend of a friend.
  • Lock parties to invite only
  • I have my stream marked adult do to language and alcohol
  • I limit squeakers to party chat.  I am starting a rule that party chat is limited to adults as best as possible.  If I do let them join, I make sure it is ok with others in the party.
  • I learned that squeaker is a young’n
  • Some nights you get no views, some night you only average about 5-7, some nights you can have up to 10-15.  There is no consistency when first starting out.  More often than none, you still have no one to talk to.


  • Not having the best equipment to stream and make it appear more professional
  • What games to play.  There is a lull in good XBONE games right now.
  • Balance between Family, Job, Business and streaming.  Remember gaming and streaming are my hobby.

Well, that is about it for now.  Looking forward to my Month 3 update.

The Dick Award Goes To?

So, lately I have been streaming Minecraft.  I have had folks come in and want to build.  I have no problem with that.  Well, until recently.  I had an individual come in and start robbing stuff out of crates.  He would then take that stuff to create things to destroy others creations.  He started one persons would house on fire.  He filled another home with water.  He stole all my valuables and proceeded to blow up one of my “homes”.  Thus, The Average Dudes Dick Award is born.  Just don’t take this as an opportunity to best him and come destroy something in my Minecraft world hoping to get on the list.   That would probably just get you destroyed, kicked from the game and result in my closing my world to any guests.  Here is the video evidence as to why this individual is officially seen as a dick in my eyes.

Fungamungalo, The one and only!

My name/gamer-tag/sn is Fungamungalo, which i’m sure the title gives away.. I am not a boasting/bragging kind of person, honest! When it comes to my gamer-tag though I have found a lot of people think it is very unique and creative. The name (which I have carried now for at least 15 years) originated from an old friend of mine who had come up with, and used as a family name for a group of characters in Dungeons & Dragons™. Fungamungalo was actually a sir name ha! I adopted it for the first Xbox and a few other things before that. I had tried changing it from Fungamungalo to Megakill at one point with bad reviews haha, so Fungamungalo it is, and I’m proud of the name. If you search it in google, a lot of everquest and FFXI stuffs comes up, as well as crazynames found in popular games, in which there are several screenshots posted by various people in game of me running by or doing who knows what! Least to say, that my name Fungamungalo has created my legacy in the gaming/geek world and hopefully will live on longer than me!


I sit here at 1 am mid week, knowing I am beat, knowing I am tired but also knowing I have work to do.  As a younger man, I would often find myself in this predicament.  I would work long hours, only to work at pleasing ‘the man’.  Thinking that it would make a difference.  Thinking that it would create growth in my career.  I learned that they didn’t really care about the number of hours I worked.  They cared about productivity.  I quickly learned that and tried to work faster to get the same and more times than none, better results than my peers.  Automating tasks, improving technique to improve productivity.

That has allowed me to grow into a decent job but sometime I do find myself procrastinating.  My wind down tonight after working today, after helping someone finish installing stairs on my deck and running kids around was gaming.  As many of you can contest, often 2 hours of gaming turns to 7 in a blink of an eye.  Now I finish my work.  Ha.  well, those are my ramblings for the evening.

Swapping out my modem for a SB6183

I have used the cable co’s provided modem for almost 2 years, thankfully it’s not one of the bigger cable co’s and the charge for it is like 2 bucks a month. However, I have found that my connection for gaming has been suboptimal. Ping times to the router itself from inside my home with a wired connection were 3-14ms, and ideally they should be <1 for a single hop over a wired connection. Continue reading Swapping out my modem for a SB6183

Pelican Portable Gaming Unit

So recently I found a reason to combine DIY, and gaming. I am going away for a bit, and I was thinking that I wanted to take my xbox with me. Hotels are getting better about making the HDMI ports on their in room TVs available, but that still isn’t always the case. I happen to have a monitor laying about so I figure I can attempt to make a completely portable gaming unit, and ideally cheaper than a gaems unit.

First things first I needed to get the measurements of everything that I wanted in the box. I quickly found out that the Xbox isn’t going the big item to get in the box, as it measures at 3.1 x10.8 x13.1. So then the measurements of the monitor that I have kicking around are 12.52 x20.87 x2.76. So first I started looking at roadcases as they seemed large enough, and I figured they have packed more sensitive equipment then my Xbox. Finding something of the size that I need was close to the same price as a pelican box. Looking for used ones, I could only seem to find the ones where it looks like the band might have road the box to the gig itself.

I quickly turned to ebay and started looking for Pelican cases, something that would fit my xbox and monitor. Finding one that was less than half price of a new one or a road case, I was set! So now I am sitting here waiting for my Pelican box to put it all together.


Halo ODST is available right now


Just to let everyone know, Halo ODST is available for sale on the Xbox live marketplace right now. Due to the extremely hard launch suffered by the Halo MCC, ODST is free to anyone who bought and played the MCC on November 9 through December 19. The DLC is also available to everyone else for the small fee $5. ODST started as a an expansion pack for Halo 3 on the 360 then moved to a full retail game. Its much loved by its fans due to its unique campaign in which its the only Halo game that you don’t play as a Spartan, but as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. Plus Nathan Fillion is in it…enough said.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gripes

Update…As soon as I posted my gripes about the witcher I seen this on their website. It looks like with version 1.04 a lot of things are going to be fixed.

Hi everyone,

As you know we don’t stop working to keep bringing you new updates – I just wanted to give you a heads-up of what to expect in the upcoming patch. The list below is a part of the change log for the 1.04/1.05. There will be a lot more fixes on the way – here’s the breakdown of the most requested changes: Continue reading The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gripes

I am me

May 30 2015

This is my corner of the internet called Ashes Corner. Thoughtfully thought up by good pal and all around slightly above average dude Dart. This forum will be for me talk about whatever I want, not related to games. From being fat to raising for kids and beyond. Just so you know Im not even close to being a writer nor am i trying to be. But maybe by doing these i will accidently get better. who knows.

First a bit about me. Continue reading I am me