Leaving Our Digital Footprint

Well, here we are.  We started this blog in January.  At that time, there were only 2 Average Dudes.  Teatherwind and I started down this path not sure where it would take us.  We have added Ashe_SDMF and Fungamungalo into the fold.  We have expanded to Facebook.  We have all begun streaming on Twitch occasionally.  I for one have become addicted to that one.  I have even started to slowly integrate my Twitter account into this footprint we have created.  Now we are just trying to nurture this baby and see how far it will grow.  I for one am enjoying the hell out of it and cant wait to see what we may have in store.  Thanks to you all that stop by and check out the site.  Thanks to the Twitch and Twitter followers.  Thank you all to the ones liking us on Facebook.  We do appreciate it.



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