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Minecraft Elevator

I have added one of these in some fashion to every world I have started.  It is a simple build though doing in survival can add a new element of challenge.  It makes a simple and quick way to go up and down different levels in your world. ….. much faster than ladders.  I have used them to enter a high rise structure as well as moving from top to my strip mines.

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Minecraft…Colosseum Build Part One

So, I have been playing and streaming Minecraft for about 6 weeks now.  Yes, I am in my 40’s (I assure you I am not the only middle-aged person playing the game).  For whatever reason, have found enjoyment in the game.  I find the challenge of creating something out of square blocks.

Here is my first project in creative mode.  I am hoping to use my version of the Roman Colosseum as the site for build-offs in future streams.  I am hoping that this shows that Minecraft isn’t child’s play only!! 🙂

The Dick Award Goes To?

So, lately I have been streaming Minecraft.  I have had folks come in and want to build.  I have no problem with that.  Well, until recently.  I had an individual come in and start robbing stuff out of crates.  He would then take that stuff to create things to destroy others creations.  He started one persons would house on fire.  He filled another home with water.  He stole all my valuables and proceeded to blow up one of my “homes”.  Thus, The Average Dudes Dick Award is born.  Just don’t take this as an opportunity to best him and come destroy something in my Minecraft world hoping to get on the list.   That would probably just get you destroyed, kicked from the game and result in my closing my world to any guests.  Here is the video evidence as to why this individual is officially seen as a dick in my eyes.