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My first impressions of The Wicher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The Witcher 3 is fantastic so far. I’ve played roughly 20 or 25 hours into it and it’s honestly one the best action RPGs i’ve ever played. Even compared to Dragon Age Inquisition I think that Wild Hunt is the better game. While the combat seems to flow better in Dragon Age, I think the combat in Witcher 3 draws you in much more. A lot of battles can be won simply by swinging a sword and rolling out of the way, but the tougher enemies actually take some preparation to defeat. Geralt will pick out the right sword for the job, steel for humans, and silver for monsters, but there is also a wide assortment of oils and potions that Geralt can use to buff himself up for battles.

The quests in this game are some of the best and most well thought out quests I’ve ever played in a video game. Every quest I’ve played in this game so far, feels like they’re all just as important to the world you’re in as the main quest does. Without spoiling anything there is a quest in the first part of the game called Family Matters. It is one of the most meaningful quests I’ve ever played in video game. The way it affect the lives of some of the characters in this game just adds a realistic feel to the world that a lot of RPGs lack.

There are  also these missions called Witcher Contracts. These missions are tacked up on message boards in villages spread throughout the world. Witcher Contracts are Geralt doing what Witchers do best. Hunting down monsters and getting paid. So the basic rundown is monsters are terrorizing the locals, and they need to hire a witcher to take them out. Luckily for them, Geralt is a Witcher and is more than capable of holding his own against these beast.

One last thing I want to mention is there is a collectible card game in The Witcher 3. Its called Gwent and it is really a ton of fun to play. I’ve never really took the time to play many CCG other than Sabac in KOTOR but this can be pretty addictive and is a great way to take a break from all the action in the real game.


So if you like action style RPGs or you’re a fan games with medieval type settings I would highly recommend buying this game. With 20 or so hours I’ve put into this game I know I’ve just barely scratched the surface of this 200 hour adventure.

SMITE: Battlefield of the Gods

This is my first MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena), and I have to start out by saying, I’m not overly fond of any kind of Battle Arena/Tower Defense/Strategy type games. I’m more of a RPG Gamer at heart… That being said, I have found that I really started to enjoy this particular game because of the mechanics and the vast opportunity it gives for character development with each God that you can control.

I only played the Tutorial and the practice modes so far. Their are 5 game modes available: Arena, Assault, Conquest, Domination and Joust. So far I have only tried out the Arena and Conquest practice modes, I have not ventured far enough yet to try CO-OP or PVP. Both modes that I played are very fast paced and long winded games. For Arena you have a Kill/Death counter and you need to get 500 of your minions into the opposing players portal while simultaneously stopping their minions from entering your own portal. Every second of play you are earning gold, and you get bonus gold for kills. The gold, you can spend during play to get Offensive/Defensive items and bonuses as well as a plethora of other items for use during game play. For Conquest, its just like conquest mode on any other FPS, you have to kill opponents towers and phoenix then their titan to win. As in Arena, Conquest and Domination are also set up so you gain gold as you play and receive bonuses for kills of opponents Gods, towers, phoenix, and minions as well as Titans and capturing flags.

Like most FTP(free to play) games their are an assortment of packages you can purchase ranging from a Gods Package (When you download the game you only have 5 of the 40+ Gods available) and Gem packages that you can use towards unlocking other Gods and Skins. Overall the game does not seem so buggy, and I have not experienced any lag as of yet, but like I said I have only played the practice games with no hosting to worry about lag issues. This is the Alpha release of the game and to get into beta you need to buy the $30 package that unlocks all the other gods that have been released so far. I’m not sure that I would spend $30 on this game just to be able to play Beta, then have more gods come out at a later date that I would wind up paying for again: But, that is Ftp for ya!

Child of Light Review


CHILD of LIGHT.  I had no expectations.  My favorite game type is FPS(first person shooter).  I like military games but hey, if it is free; I have to try it.  Fungamungalo, a good friend of mine who really enjoys RPG’s and all related…..a WOW fan (we wont hold that against him) was over tonight as I played it for the first time.  He decided against downloading and playing it after first watching someone play it on Twitch.  He didn’t see any value in the game after watching someone just walking his character through dark landscape, wondering through what seems to be a cartoon dream sequence.  As he sat watching me play the game (real life version of Twitch), he couldn’t wait to get home to start his download.  It seems the game is more than just another where you march your character through an artful world, slashing or kicking your way through a barrage of enemies.  This one involves puzzle solving and exploration mixed in with RPG style battles with multiple opponents in traditional turn-based games.  You also have the ability to select which opponent you want to slow based on a speed meter that appears at the bottom of the screen.  The amount of time you can slow your opponent is determined by the amount of light your firefly holds.  Throughout the game, you decide where you want to add ‘skill’ points.  Focus on defense, offense or balance between.  Along the way, you will be meet friends that will join you in your battles against the enemy.  These ‘friends’ you will assign the skill points and gems as they rank up.  From DartNtheHeads perspective, this is a bulls-eye, well worth the cost and even more worth the time to play.  I give it a thumbs up for fun!!  Download now.

Battlefield – Hardline

Battlefield_Hardline_Cover_ArtPlaying cops and robbers, isn’t that everyone’s dream growing up?  This game seems to be a mix of Payday 2, and Battlefield.   While this is claimed to be a beta, I have to say it ‘s better polished than some of the final releases we saw 4Q of last year.

While many have said that this is simply a reskinned version of Battlefield 4, I am not sure that I agree.   However I think that I am going to need to play a couple more rounds!  Now details about the game that seem to indicate that this will also include some solo missions, which will be nice as long as they have some story to go with it!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – OOTS

untitledTeenage mutant ninja turtles were on sale last week and, I wanted to take a minute to talk about it, because it is my sons favorite game.   At first he was slightly confused because it didn’t have the voices of the turtles from the TV show, but he quickly got over that as they started acting like the turtles that he knew and loves.

It’s been said OOTS has a bunch of glitches in the game, but on our first play thru, we didn’t see many of them.   The game allows couch co-op, or online co-op.

Now that my son a continued to play the game for almost a year, I have seen Continue reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – OOTS

Dragons Age Inquisition – An Average Dude’s Review

Dragon Age: InquisitionDragon Age Inquisition – Xbox One
 (DAI) is the latest RPG from Bioware. If you have ever played a Bioware RPG then you kind of know what to expect. From Baldur’s Gates to Knights of the Old Republic and beyond, Bioware knows western RPGs. It’s what they do.

The game starts out like most RPGs. You’re the unlikely, under powered hero that is charged with saving all Thedas from the ultimate evil Corypheus and his arch demon (which just happens to be a big ass dragon). To help you on your journey, you’ll make some new friends as well as receive help from some old favorites along the way. Continue reading Dragons Age Inquisition – An Average Dude’s Review