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Swapping out my modem for a SB6183

I have used the cable co’s provided modem for almost 2 years, thankfully it’s not one of the bigger cable co’s and the charge for it is like 2 bucks a month. However, I have found that my connection for gaming has been suboptimal. Ping times to the router itself from inside my home with a wired connection were 3-14ms, and ideally they should be <1 for a single hop over a wired connection. Continue reading Swapping out my modem for a SB6183

Destiny House of Wolves Hidden Ghost

Hey all, just wanted to say I did dust off Destiny and played it again with the new expansion ‘House of Wolves’.  I did some exploration at the Reef (the new social area) and found some hidden or not easily seen items.  I will leave it to you to find the switch that turns the lights on and off near the vendor by the vaults.  I will however divulge the location of three hidden ghosts.  Check out this brief 2 minute video.

Destiny Exotic Weapon Bounties

I figure by now, most of us know the exotic weapons.   However if anyone else is out there like me that needs to look up the bounties and what weapon they relate to, then here is a quick ref chart.

  •  Light in the Dark – Thorn
  • Toland’s Legacy – Bad Juju
  • Unknown Patron – Fate of Fools
  • A Dubious Task – Invective
  • Shattered Memory Fragment – Pocket Infinity
  • Voice in the Wilderness – Super Good Advice


Destiny weapons lore

Destiny as a game needs some work, but the best part is the community is willing to put it in for the betterment of the game.

A user  /u/Foskey on Reddit is doing a really great job of putting together some stories for the best weapons in the games.   The weapons that are exotic and supposed to have wonderful story, and some of that is missed when playing the game.


Super Good Advice 



Red Death

Destiny – Super Good Advice

The Machine Lords know of Super Good Advice (SGA)[3] and its deadly efficiency. While it doesn’t stand up to the applied single-target DPS and handling of its counterparts, it absolutely shines in annihilating hordes of enemies. There is not a more suited weapon than SGA to reliably apply consistent damage to minions of the Darkness and will ensure the death of hundreds that stand before the wielder. This grand efficiency is the result of grander engineering of its on-board AI and Golden Age Ammunition Technology. But this weapon isn’t known for its fine ability to kill, but the personality while doing so.

And that personality was not by mistake.

The story of Super Good Advice starts with familiar territory known to us Guardians: the Vault of Glass. Before it was called such, the Vanguard knew the Vex had a base of operations somewhere on Venus, much like when they conquered Mercury. A Guardian reported a possible location: a gate with swarms of vex surging to protect it and plates positioned around the area. Ghost analysis reported these plates to be Vex sync plates, commonly used to open Vex portals and doorways. It was the most heavily fortified Vex structure the Vanguard has seen yet; it was a likely candidate.

Given the success of their Guardian Strike Program, the Vanguard designed a strike to scout out this Vex fortress. The mission: Open the gate and report what is inside. Considering the simple objective, the Vanguard made sure that the candidate Guardians understood the risk of a fortified Vex structure. Even then, more than enough Guardians signed up. After all, risk means nothing as long as the reward aids the Light. Two Guardians were selected: Pahanin Errata[4] , the Hunter, and Kabr, the Legionless Titan. Intriguing that only two were selected; usually the number is three (or was it three?… Why does the name Praedyth come to my memory?)

Pahanin returned. Kabr did not. When questioned, Pahanin did not answer. He held his tongue until he had the Vanguard in the same room as him, alone. He began with urging the Vanguard to do everything they can to burn out the Vex in this Vault of Glass. He made sure they understood that they need more Guardians than the typical strike. This must be a raid consisting of the very best Guardians they can find, and if that first team fails, another must be sent in. If that fails, send another. If that fails, send another. Do not stop until there are no Vex and only Guardians. The light must prevail over this evil Darkness.

The Vanguard, obviously disturbed, asked of Kabr. Pahanin immediately felt angry that they did not ask of the entire team. Wait, that was the entire team. Just Kabr and himself, right? Pahanin shook off the uneasy feeling and told them that Kabr was taken by the Vault. Before that happened, however, Kabr was not himself. He fought the Vex Alone. This destroyed him. Not physically, God, no; he beat these machines to death. But in his mind, he was alone. The Vex manipulated his blood and brain to believe that he was lost in the ocean. Obviously, he was not alone; you cannot open the gate alone. Pahanin paused a short while to remember him. Kabr died the worst death a Guardian could imagine: alone.

After Pahanin told the Vanguard the specifics of the Vault and discussed the tactics of a proposed raid, the Vanguard relieved him and urged him to rest. Pahanin took this time to aid other Guardians on their quests by providing advice for their circumstances. He devoted himself to befriending every Guardian, a task that proved easy given his legendary status and witty sass. However, behind his jokes and smiles, the true dark reason for his actions was to ensure no Guardian will ever suffer the same fate as Kabr. No Guardian should die alone.

But he knew that any Guardian could succumb to the horrors in the Vault of Glass, changing the very make-up of the mind. No matter how many Guardians once stood by his side, he knew that he could one day feel so utterly alone. No, the Vex must not take away comradery. They cannot destroy friendship. Set with new purpose, Pahanin speculated in order for the Vex to warp the reality of a Guardian, they must need a mind. But could they warp an AI? Could the Vex make a Guardian forget an AI?

Playing off of this idea, Pahanin requested a custom machine gun frame from the gunsmiths and addressed his scientist friends at Arcus[5] on current developments of AI. They revealed that they have a working prototype beyond the intelligence of Frames, but not Exo-level yet. The unique feature of this prototype is its learning ability. While Frames develop a small personality, it seems this prototype takes on a strong personality of those it is closest to. This could not sound more perfect to Pahanin. He requested a prototype to be built in his custom machine gun frame.

The weapon was more than anything Pahanin imagined. The gunsmiths at Arcus treated the machine gun with advanced Golden Age Ammunition Technology: smart rounds. This must have been possible due to the superior processing of the AI. It returned nearly every missed bullet back to the magazine, ensuring the death of its target. This was the main function of the AI, but it no doubt picked up on Pahanin’s personality. Before too long, the gun was inseparable from Pahanin, refusing to fire for anyone else. The two were indeed a couple of close friends, adventuring together, killing fallen together, and, most importantly, cracking jokes at each other. After another particularly fine day, they found themselves sharing stories together by a campfire in the Martian wilderness.

*Crack* Pahanin felt a sting of a piercing dart, leaving the slime of poison in his blood. With the rush of sudden adrenaline, Pahanin picked up his trusty weapon, swung around, and pointed it at none other than Dredgen Yor, the Crucible champion, with his notorious Thorn in his hand. Pahanin hesitated, just a moment too long. *Crack* *Crack* Pahanin’s machine gun dropped out of his hands. “NO!” the weapon roared. “Pick me back up, Pahanin, unleash my fury on this exile!” Pahanin dropped to one knee. “YOU MUST!” it stubbornly urged. Pahanin fell. Accepting its wielder’s fate, it said the one thing Pahanin needed to hear. “You are not alone.”

Guardians, Super Good Advice is more than just a weapon. Once you have proven your worth, you are its best friend. It will loyally stand by you to ensure you will never be alone again, especially in the mind-bending solitude.

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Disclaimer: This story was speculation based on the above references and acknowledgements, and is not subject to being entirely factual. This post should not be referenced as factual evidence but rather as speculation on the subject.

Other [Weapon Lore] Work

Red Death[26]

Ice Breaker[27]



Credit to /u/Foskey on Reddit


Destiny – Gjallarhorn

We have all seen the exotic Gjallarhorn[1] in action, whether it was held in our hands, or have seen the glorious destruction upon a high-threat target. The rockets fired from this launcher carry something unique: tracking rounds bursting forth once the rocket detonates, effectively doubling the damage. These rounds are so strong, three shots from the Gjallarhorn are capable of taking down one of the infamous Gatekeepers housed within the Vault of Glass.

But where and when was this majestic weapon born? What is its story?

Gjallarhorn’s story starts in the Battle of Twilight Gap[2] , the third and most recent major battle of the City. The battle was a testament to the Guardians’ will. When we choose to stand, we will stand. Even if the City is threatened by the united might of the Fallen Houses, we will stand. The City called for the aid of Guardians, and we answered with a glorious outcry for the Light. And by the will of the Guardians of Light, we stood. We won. However, do not be mistaken by the glamour of this battle; many Guardians fell.

Feizel Crux[3] , a gunsmith, wanted to commemorate the surviving guardians, while honoring those who died. He envisioned a weapon that radiated the essence of honor and survival, but he wanted to gift more than just a ceremonial gun. He recognized the beauty in destruction, and wanted to marry the thought of a ceremonially crafted weapon and the absolute chaos of fire. He thought to himself, “If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?” He demanded the armor of the dead guardians. Their light has not completely gone out.

Crux meticulously worked the armor pieces together, forging a beautifully crafted weapon, with the majestic symbol of Alpha Lupi[4] adorned the harsh metal underneath. The look of the launcher alone was enough to mark Crux’s apex of his smithing career, but he knew the true beauty was in the fiery explosion of the rockets. He imbued the fallen guardians’ light, along with his own, into the soul of the weapon. May this weapon be fired not by one man, but a wolfpack of Light, bursting forth from the explosion of the rockets.

When asked to name this weapon, Crux chose the most fitting one. “Gjallarhorn.” Old-Norse for Yelling Horn, it was a horn used by the Norse God Heimdall to warn the City of the Gods, Asgard, about an incoming attack. Warriors would answer the call of Gjallarhorn, standing to defend the city. The name itself speaks of majesty and honor, while giving hope to the Guardians of the City: We will stand. The weapons in the Gjallarhorn line were awarded to those who survived the Battle of Twilight Gap, reminding them of the honor of the dead Guardians, and the survival against the Fallen.

Know this, Guardians: when Gjallarhorn is mounted upon your shoulder, the Wolfpack of the fallen Guardians will stand by your side. When Gjallarhorn calls, the Wolfpack will answer.

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Disclaimer: This story was speculation based on the above references and acknowledgements, and is not subject to being entirely factual. This post should not be referenced as factual evidence but rather as speculation on the subject.




Credit to /u/Foskey on Reddit

Destiny – Ice Breaker

We have all heard the bursting wake of an Ice Breaker[1] . This angry weapon twists energy to apply the most true shot without ever needing a bullet. The burst erupts down the barrel, flames billowing out of the vents, leaves a trail blazing of pure solar destruction, and ends with a fiery explosion upon the target’s death. The burst is so strong and pure, the target set hundreds of meters out will feel the same burning hatred as if it were point blank. It is every sniper’s dream: a gun so deadly accurate beyond what any traditional rifle can accomplish, all without the need of ammunition.

But this angry weapon has quite the angry tale.

The Golden Age[2] . An age so technologically advanced that humans were near god-like, with our thanks to the Traveler and the Light. This age was proclaimed to be a time of miracles and awe. We were defying bounds of physical reality, and changing the fabric of nature. The weapons in this age were no exception. Legends were told of rifles harnessing the very essence of nuclear fission, shotguns bursting the raw power of lightning, and machine guns firing the swarm of nullification.

To the Vanguard[3] , these legends held potential. The gunsmiths at the time were already perfecting elemental rounds, why not fully realize the very power of the elements? Thinking it would only better our position against the Darkness, the Vanguard initiated a clandestine project to experiment on Golden Age legends. This project brought in the best of the best: legendary gunsmiths (still unnamed) from reputable weapon foundries. Despite the total secrecy and classification around this project, the directive was clear: reawaken Golden Age weaponry.

Some of the gunsmiths collaborating on the project doubted such weaponry ever existed. To their credit, legends tend to exaggerate. A rifle that can house a nuclear explosion? Not to mention directing that explosive force in a single beam of fire, and projecting that force upon the target. Pushing aside their disbeliefs, the gunsmiths stepped into their imagination with the inspiration of the Golden Age. Countless prototypes were created. As expected, countless failed to even reach the testing phase. Some failed to light the explosion; when others did, the explosion vaporized the weapon and everything around it. Whenever a prototype miraculously fired off one round without lethal side effects, the next round quickly corrected that.

Every prototype housed a caged beast of solar hatred; the gunsmiths knew this. They needed a cage that withstood the beast’s thrashings, and needed to convince that beast to bite in the right direction when provoked. Then, by godsend, a prototype proved itself tame. Not only did the weapon pass every mark on the test, it proved to do so burst after angry burst. The gunsmiths, still doubtful, successfully fired the first 10, first 100, first 1000 bursts with no incident and no ammunition. But make no mistake, the results were more deadly than the gunsmiths expected. The dummy targets witnessed a full-frontal assault of explosive weaponry so fiery and so hateful, the metal dummies had to be replaced after each and every burst.

The project’s lead gunsmiths reported the resounding success to the Vanguard. “We’re scrapping the project.” The Vanguard replied. What? Do they have any idea the effort put in– The Vanguard continued, “You also reported hundreds of failures. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a 99% failure rate.” One of the gunsmiths started to defend the success of this lone prototype, but was soon interrupted. “We cannot allow such dangerous weapons for our Guardians. As seen in your reports, any burst may cause the gun to detonate in a lethal explosion. It is unfit for field duty.”

The gunsmiths understood the Vanguard’s concern for Guardian safety, but they knew that Guardians only consider death as an occupational hazard. The project was scrapped, but not before releasing a line of the successful prototype to the various weapon foundries involved. They ironically named this line “Ice Breaker” for the rifle’s love for overkill. Still, this weapon stood as a Golden Age testimony, allowing the gunsmiths actual insight to the legends. It truly harnessed elemental power of the sun, and allowed the target full view of a solar rupture.

Guardians, when Ice Breaker is in your hands, you are holding the legacy of the Golden Age. Let the enemies know the full might of humanity. Show them what we once were, and will become again.

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Disclaimer: This story was speculation based on the above references and acknowledgements, and is not subject to being entirely factual. This post should not be referenced as factual evidence but rather as speculation on the subject.

Other [Weapon Lore] Work

Red Death[9]

Super Good Advice[10]



Credit to /u/Foskey on Reddit

Destiny – Red Death Lore


There is something to be said about the feel of Red Death. Each bullet rips down the barrel, each burst letting free the chaos of the weapon. This unique feel compliments the unique sound of the gun. The bursts are meant to intimidate all foes who hear it, posing absolute wrath. If it’s not the sound that strikes fear, then the look will finish the job. Every part of this gun represents the madness from which it was forged. A foreboding display of a bayonet, spikes, and a paintjob of blood, it is obvious what this weapon has done: murder.

Unlike other weapons, this one’s story is shrouded in Darkness.

For us Guardians, we see a tangible force represented as fear itself: the Darkness. Most Guardians blindly crusade against such evil, willing to persist with such pious ambition using divine Light as their sword, the Traveler as their shield. They fight in the ancient battle of good versus evil, without one understanding the other. For a select few Guardians, however, they tried to understand the Darkness. From our perspective, they tried and failed, ending in madness. But given their own perspective, some believe they see the truth.

Any reputable Guardian has heard of Toland, the Shattered. He was once a regarded warlock, studying the forces of the universe. While the Order grasped the intricacies of the marvellous Light, Toland held interest in the mysterious. In a quest to know the truth, Toland developed theories on the Darkness. In his journals, he claims to have an epiphany: the Darkness is not just a complimentary force to the Light, it is rather an evolutionary endpoint of the entire universe, and the Light is fighting a losing battle. Just as atoms came into being, they did so by defeating whatever was before. Now we have two combating cosmic energies, and one must win.

Toland reported these findings to the Vanguard. Confused at first, the Vanguard questioned Toland’s loyalty to the Light. Insulted, Toland aggressively retorted that loyalty means nothing in light of the truth. He tried to explain again, with frustration, that the power of the Darkness is like the primordial strength of armies, and sometimes a tower cannot stand against a massive army. Instead, we should embrace it, use it for our desperate selves. Forge weapons with it, for the only way to fight an army is with another army, not hide in a tower.

The warlock was banished and marked as mad. Stubbornly set on his quest for truth, he continued to study the Darkness and how he could wield it as power. Speculating the Hive as closest in tune with the Darkness, he became obsessed with their rituals. He witnessed the eating of Light, the suffering to summon power, and the fear of their gods. Attempting to mimic these rituals, he decorated an old pulse rifle with the markings of anguish: a dark knife, spikes piercing his skin, the coating of his own blood. He prayed to the gods of Darkness, wishing this weapon to eat its foes.

But the weapon did not yet hold the true power of the Darkness. He remembered Crota, and how he wielded a sword that literally ate Guardians’ Light. He theorized that the leeching of Light gave the sword more power, and he must do the same for this abomination of a pulse rifle. Staking out in the wastelands of Earth, Toland hunted Guardians with the weapon. With each kill, he felt the weapon grow stronger, recharging his shields and healing his body. Eventually, he recognized the dark power that was granted to the weapon, but everything about the gun felt wrong. His old heritage of Light urged him to destroy this weapon before it claimed more lives, but he feared what the Darkness would do to him if he even attempted to dismantle it. Concluding that he could no longer live with the rifle, he discarded it along with his notes. Tampering with dark powers has its curses.

While Red Death holds much power, it is a dark power fed with souls. The Vanguard urges us to destroy the weapon, but would that be enough to avenge these souls?

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Disclaimer: This story was speculation based on the above references and acknowledgements, and is not subject to being entirely factual. This post should not be referenced as factual evidence but rather as speculation on the subject.



Credit to /u/Foskey on Reddit