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DartNtheHead – BF4 sniping at its best

OK. Yes, I am going to show off.  I have played sniper class in many games.  I have sucked at times and yes, I have played well at others.  The other night while I was streaming on Twitch, I was playing BF4 with SaltyBunny17965.  First shot, I was really impressed.  I hit a parachuter in the head with my bold action sniper rifle.  If that wasn’t good enough, moments later, I spawned in a chopper piloted by none other than SaltyBunny.  He fell under attack and as a result, I was offered the ability to use the rifle again.  Quick on the scope, I aimed and fired.  Check out the video as proof off awesomeness.


Phantom Bow – Part One

Phantom Prospect Completion

Phantom Bow is only available to Battlefield Premium owners.

After getting you Premium account you can log into  For those that are not familiar with this site, you log in with your Origin account and the site will provide you with your game stats.

There are 4 assignments/stages you need to complete before you are rewarded your Phantom Bow.

  1. Phantom Prospect
  2. Phantom Trainee
  3. Phantom Initiate
  4. Phantom Operative

Here we will focus on the first assignment … The Phantom Prospect

Phantom Prospect

BF4 Phantom Prospect
Phantom Prospect Mission

When you go to your Battlelog and view your missions, you will see there are two requirements to complete Phantom Prospect.  The requirements show a) play as premium once and b) “?

Follow the instructions in this brief, to the point video to unlock the assignment and display the top-secret Phantom Prospect requirements.


Here are the requirements

  1. Phantom Prospect (Unlock Phantom Program Dog Tag)
    1. 200 kills with Assault Rifles
    2. 200 kills with Main Battle Tanks.
      1. You don’t have to be the driver, just in the tank
      2. Speed things up
        1. Large maps with tanks
        2. Game type with high number of tickets
    3. 300 meter headshot
      1. cumulative, not necessarily one 300 meter shot


Phantom Prospect Dog Tag
Phantom Prospect Dog Tag