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Fungamungalo, The one and only!

My name/gamer-tag/sn is Fungamungalo, which i’m sure the title gives away.. I am not a boasting/bragging kind of person, honest! When it comes to my gamer-tag though I have found a lot of people think it is very unique and creative. The name (which I have carried now for at least 15 years) originated from an old friend of mine who had come up with, and used as a family name for a group of characters in Dungeons & Dragons™. Fungamungalo was actually a sir name ha! I adopted it for the first Xbox and a few other things before that. I had tried changing it from Fungamungalo to Megakill at one point with bad reviews haha, so Fungamungalo it is, and I’m proud of the name. If you search it in google, a lot of everquest and FFXI stuffs comes up, as well as crazynames found in popular games, in which there are several screenshots posted by various people in game of me running by or doing who knows what! Least to say, that my name Fungamungalo has created my legacy in the gaming/geek world and hopefully will live on longer than me!